Steps in Planning a Bathroom

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The modern bathroom has become a place of calm which can provide a haven after a hectic day, as well as a centre of revitalisation through the reviving effects of running water.

Natural stone offers all of these possibilities: you can create a warm environment by using the golden sandy notes of a limestone. Or you can go for the cooler, more reflective look of white or creamy marbles such as arabescato.

Bathrooms are environments in which stone can be used on multiple surfaces. Aside from the use of stone on your vanity tops and in floor tiling, you can also clad the walls in stone. Large panels can be put in to create stunning effects.

At Oxford Granites we strive to maintain a spirit of engagement and commitment that we hope also benefits the customers we serve. We source our quality products directly from a carefully chosen panel of stone producers, to provide a level of choice that covers a wide range of tastes and requirements, and that are perfect for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.



Planning a bathroom design should take careful consideration, it is often a room that is commonly overlooked.

The first step in planning for the ultimate bathroom that suits all your needs is how and who will be using the room. The bathroom is a very personal space so it must fit in with the requirements of the user. Is it a main bathroom where the whole family will use it on a daily basis, from showering in the morning to bathing in the evening? Is it an en-suite where only the occupants in the master bedroom will use? Or is it a downstairs bathroom where it will be mainly used by guests?

The bathroom should be warm and inviting wherever it is situated within the home. 2014 was the year of introducing a classic minimalism to the home, which has been an evolving trend and popular for many homeowners.

To help you design your bathroom and get the most out of it, it is often beneficial to divide the room into three main areas; the washing area (sink, storage), the bathing area (bath, shower), and the sanitary area (toilet).

Taking into account drainage pipes and where they lay in relation to the room will give you some idea of where they enter and exit for the bathroom sanitary ware. Hygiene is another important factor, where some homeowners are not keen on having the washing area directly next to the sanitary area and like to have a clear gap between them. Space in the room is also important, as it is a major part of where you want each area so it fits with the layout and existing pipework.

Current trends in bathrooms are a minimalist trend that proves popular among homeowners, offering clutter-free, elegant and warm surrounding in which you can rewind in from everyday life. Frameless showers or wet rooms are becoming more and more popular in today’s bathroom designs, with the uncomplicated all glass appearance is minimal yet striking. Popular colour palettes for bathrooms include whites, greys and earthy browns.

We use many top brands in the UK such as Silestone, Caesarstone, Compac, Cimstone, CRL Quartz and CQ Classic Quartz Stone. All of these manufacturers have a comprehensive range of tones that are great in creating luxurious minimalist bathrooms.

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