Simple rules for a new kitchen

TeamOG Design Inspiration

When re-designing your kitchen it becomes a very fun task to do. The most exciting things about it are choosing the colour, design, accessories, appliances, and of course those luxury worktops (which we can help with). The kitchen is becoming the hub of the home in modern times, so it needs to be designed with a functional approach and have a look that’s pleasing to the eye and style of your home.

Choose the perfect worktops to complete your kitchen from Oxford Granites. We will provide you with a material that’s long-lasting and that comes with anti-bacterial properties. We have many styles to choose from, with colours and designs to suit your personal preferences.

At Oxford Granites, we strive to maintain a spirit of engagement and commitment that we hope also benefits the customers that we serve. This spirit is based on the active engagement of the people who work within our company, a belief in the products that we supply and a commitment to providing a high level of service.

Add lots of natural light to the kitchen where possible. Depending on where your kitchen is situated, it can often be hard to bring natural light into the room. Avoid blinds and nets if you lack natural light.

A cooking experience wouldn’t be complete without a good ventilation system, but not everyone can afford to add a stylish extractor fan to their cooking appliances.

Layer the lighting with task, accent and ambient to create different moods in the kitchen. Under-cabinet lights are a great ideal to provide extra illumination to the worktops. Spotlights on the ceiling and pendants suspended above an island are perfect ways to add layered lighting to the design.

Choose pretty accessories to fill your property. Nowadays the minimalistic look is proving to be very popular in homes, so a brightly coloured vase with fresh flowers on the window ledge, a piece of wall art and a few kitchen gadgets will add a great variety of accessories to the kitchen space.

One of the design trends for 2019 is open-shelving. Sometimes you want to break up the kitchen cabinetry with something a little different, but a cupboard behind a closed door is great to hide away items you don’t want on show, plus they look sleek and stylish.

Contact us today @ Oxford Granites to find out more information on our stone products and how they can be used within your kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.