Save Money in the Kitchen with these Helpful Tips

Beth Woods Design Inspiration

When it comes to kitchen designing you need to be clear on how much you want to spend in the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home where it will add value to your home in a positive and effective way. In this blog, we look at how we can help you save money when designing your new kitchen.

When designing your perfect kitchen there are three steps to get the best deals

  • Take your time
  • Look for discounts, many companies have some sort of discount
  • If you don’t ask you don’t get. Managers normally give a discount of 5%-10%, so always make sure you speak with a manager

Spend your money on features that will be used the most and are visible all the time.

  • Handles on the cupboards and drawers. They will make standard units look much more expensive.
  • Premium and luxury worktops from Oxford Granites. Here at Oxford Granites, we have many styles and colours to choose from to make your kitchen luxurious. From Granite to Quartz, white to black, there is something to suit you and your home. We have promotions running all the time so please ask a member of the sales team what current promotions there are.
  • High-quality flooring will improve a budget kitchen also adding value to your home.

Re-use your appliances if there’s nothing wrong with them. In the unfortunate event that you have to splash out on new appliances, make sure you scout the internet and high street to find the best bargain. Also, make sure that they are energy-efficient as they will save you money and running costs in the future.

Choose a sink that is stainless steel and low maintenance. Composite sinks can be a bit pricey but are a good investment in the future as they are hardwearing and upstand high temperatures.

LED lighting is the way forward. They are energy efficient and cheaper to run. They can brighten up the kitchen and allows the space to have adequate lighting.

  • Re-paint solid-wood cabinets. This is an easy and cheaper way to achieve the look you are going for and will provide a striking look in the new hub of the home.
  • Try not to accessorize too much as this will cost money. Mix and match with bargains.
  • Open-shelving is a great way to introduce shelves to the kitchen without having to have lots of cupboards. They will make the kitchen appear spacious, and mix the style up.
  • Refresh a tiled splashback with a special tile paint
  • Use more of your architectural features. You may be lucky enough to have beautiful brick walls and wooden beams, don’t hide them away!

Contact us today @ Oxford Granites to find out more information on our stone products and how they can be used within your kitchen – we look forward to hearing from you.