Make a small kitchen bigger

TeamOG Design Inspiration

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large kitchen space, but there are many ways to maximise the space with useful storage solutions and functional layouts, that will transform your small kitchen into a place that is easy to socialise and carry out everyday tasks.

The layout is crucial to create a kitchen space that works for you and your family as well as the size you have. You need to think about your lifestyle, tastes and the everyday routines you carry out in the kitchen to help create your dream kitchen. The design should include generous worktop space and suitable space for storage and all of your appliances. If you have thought about a sitting or dining area then you need to include this into your plans for the layout to be absolutely correct for you to enjoy it.

Colour in the kitchen plays an important part too. It can make the space feel big or small, with white being the most common colour to use when making the area appear larger. Some kitchens will have limited light depending on where they are situated in the property and the lack of windows, so using a lighter colour will bring brightness to the area. If you aren’t sure on just having white there are other lighter colours to choose from such as off-white, taupe, cashmere, light blue and pale wood.

Choosing reflective surfaces enhance the effect of making a smaller space seem bigger. When light hits these surfaces it reflects back across the room and onto other surfaces. Think about a glass or mirrored splashback behind the hob to expand the space, and wall units with glass-fronted doors allow light to bounce. The eye will be drawn to these elements by travelling through the door to the back of the cabinet, and the extra depth will give the sense of a larger room, but bear in mind it won’t work if the cupboard is cluttered.

Integrated appliances and accessories are the perfect solutions to save space. It provides you with a clean, sleek uncluttered look that a lot of people are going for nowadays. Wicker baskets are great to store kitchen essentials in such as vegetables and pots and pans. Peg hooks are another useful storage solution that can be attached to the wall to hang utensils or pots and pans to free up the space on the worktops and in the cupboards.

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