Kitchens with an L Shaped Layout

TeamOG Design Inspiration

An L-shaped kitchen allows for more worktop space and is very popular in today’s kitchen design. They look great and are a very practical kitchen layout. This type of layout works in small, medium and large kitchens, and work well in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Two adjoining walls meet in the corner to form an “L” that’s connected with worktops. They work very well in smaller kitchens getting the most out of the space. For larger kitchens, you can have one worksurface run along a wall and the other to protrude out into the open-plan space creating a divider between the different areas. If your space is big enough add an island for a focal point, an eating place, and extra storage and worktop space.

L-shaped kitchens offer more floor space allowing the end-user to move around easier. An illusion of a bigger room is also created with the perfect amount of space to socialise. If you paint your kitchen in light colours it will open up the space even more.

Storage is another important factor to consider when designing your kitchen. To get the most out of an L-shape, kitchen cabinets that are floor-to-ceiling are ideal for giving you extra room, with a storage carousel making the most out of every cupboard. You want to store away as much as possible so the worktops don’t look too cluttered, plus you don’t want to hide them away.

Finish off your L-shaped kitchen in the perfect way with a Granite or Quartz. This will add to the design aesthetics and provide a hard-wearing surface for almost anything.

Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive igneous rock, rich in quartz and feldspar, and found in many countries around the globe, from India to Brazil. It is one of the hardest wearings of all-natural materials and produces a beautiful look and feel above all when polished.

Quartz is a manmade composite product comprising typically by weight 93%-94% natural quartz and 6%-7% polymer resin and colouring pigments, where the resin bonding agents help to maintain a uniform and consistent colour and pattern. This makes it well suited to both modern, streamlined kitchens and also more traditional kitchens.

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